We Rock The Spectrum Opens In Long Beach Supporting Autistic Youth – Gazettes

We Rock The Spectrum, a gym dedicated to providing therapy and inclusion for children with autism, is hosting an open house at its new Long Beach location Saturday.

The first location opened seven years ago in Tarzana, and is the result of founder Dina Kimmel’s son Gabriel’s struggle with autism, Kimmel said. She set up a small, kid-friendly gym in her home and said she saw her son’s behavior change.

“My son used to be kicked out of indoor areas because of tantrums,” Kimmel said. “We built a rack at home that he could use with his sister and we noticed that they started to interact with each other more.”

The rack is a piece of children’s gym equipment designed for children with sensory processing disorders.

According to Kimmel, the home gym was the start of a series of positive changes. Her son started to spend more time with his sister and made progress with his speech therapy, she said.

“I looked at my husband and said, there has to be other kids like him!” Kimmel said about opening the first gym.

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